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AmericanAncesTREES is an online family tree service from American Ancestors.

Template Notes

John Cardinal created this template and tested with AmericanAncesTREES in the fall of 2019.


The templates set Exhibits.Include Exhibits to unchecked. AmericanAncesTREES does not support exhibit files referenced in a GEDCOM file.


The template sets Flags.Flags to "Export as FACT/TYPE". TMG flags become events in AmericanAncesTREES.

The template sets Flags.Flag Name Prefix to "Flag-".

The template sets Flags.Flag Value Prefix to "V:".

GEDCOM Tag Names

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Person Role Tag to "ROLE". See the Roles section below.


The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Person Role Name to ROLE which is what AmericanAncesTREES expects.