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Brother's Keeper®

Brother's Keeper (BK) is a genealogy application written by John Steed.

Template Notes

John Cardinal created this template and tested with version 7.4 of BK.

Citation Reference

BK has no citation field that is equivalent to TMG's Citation Reference. The template sets the Tag Names.Citation Reference Tag to "DATA.TEXT". BK loads the Citation Reference value into its "Comments for this citation" field of the citation.


BK does not support sort dates. The template sets Dates.Include Sort Dates to unchecked so sort dates are not included in the GEDCOM export file.


The template sets Flags.Flags to "Export as EVEN/TYPE". TMG flags become events in BK with the flag value in the Description field of the BK event.

The template sets Flags.Omit Value '?' to checked. You may wish to modify that setting based on your preferences.

GEDCOM Tag Names

The template sets Tag Names.Citation Reference Tag to "DATA.TEXT". See the Citation Reference section above.

BK does not recognize the "FACT" tag even though it is valid in GEDCOM 5.5.1, so the template sets Tag Names.Custom Attribute Tag to "EVEN"


BK does not import "master place" records, so the template sets Places.Include Master Place List to unchecked.

I have not found a logical way to export Place exhibits such that BK will import them.

Printer Codes

BK does not recognize text formatting so most printer codes are removed. Restore the printer codes if you want to see TMG's original formatting in BK.


BK includes limited support for roles, but it's not clear how to specify roles via GEDCOM.


The template sets Sources.Include Formatted Source to checked. It also sets Sources.Use Formatted Source as TITL to checked. The formatted source appears as the Source Title in BK.


BK does not support shared events. The template sets all individual events to Cloned event and all individual attributes to Cloned attribute.


BK includes support for witnesses, but the model it uses is completely different from the model used by other programs and is not supported by TMG to GEDCOM.