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Findmypast is an online family tree by Findmypast.

Template Notes

John Cardinal created this template and tested with Findmypast during January of 2020.


Findmypast does not support sort dates. The template sets Dates.Include Sort Dates to unchecked so sort dates are not included in the GEDCOM export file.


Findmypast does not upload media items when importing a GEDCOM file via a web browser. The template sets Exhibits.Include Exhibits to unchecked.


The template sets Flags.Flags to "Export as EVEN/TYPE". TMG flags become events in Findmypast.

The template sets Flags.Omit Value 'N' an Flags.Omit Value '?' to checked to try and limit the clutter caused by importing flags as events.


Findmypast does not recognize primary indicators for name and event participants, so the template sets GEDCOM Format.Include Primary Indicators to unchecked.

GEDCOM Tag Names

The template sets Tag Names.Custom Attribute Tag to "EVEN". Findmypast does noot import the "FACT" tag, which is the default.


Findmypast does not import "master place" records, so the template sets Places.Include Master Place List to unchecked.

Printer Codes

Findmypast does not import HTML in text values, so most Printer Codes are removed or set to plain-text values.


Findmypast imports a limited set of source information so the template uses the formatted source as the source title.


Findmypast does not support shared events. The template sets all individual events to Cloned event and all individual attributes to Cloned attribute. The Note Value is set to the "Format sentence" for all events and attributes.