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TMG to GEDCOM includes a template for exporting from TMG into Legacy. In addition to the commonly-supported GEDCOM records like people, names, events, families, citations, sources, and exhibits, the template helps produce a GEDCOM that supports:

  • Witnesses
  • Flag values as events

Direct Import

Legacy has a direct import option for TMG which avoids using GEDCOM.

There are some advantages to the direct import option, such as role handling: Legacy supports roles for principals when using direct import.

There are also disadvantages: Legacy does not import flag values when using direct import capability, whereas importing a GEDCOM file produced with this template will load flag values as events.

Template Notes

John Cardinal created this template and tested with version v9.0.0.295 of Legacy.


If the Legacy GEDCOM import option Check for valid date formats during this import is checked (enabled), Legacy will report errors for valid GEDCOM dates that use the "(date-phrase)" construction. Those records arise from using irregular dates in TMG, and from using valid dates in TMG that cannot be represented in GEDCOM without using the "(date-phrase)" construction, such as a date with a month and no year.

If Check for valid date formats during this import is checked, Legacy's GEDCOM import process will pause for each record to ask how you want it to respond to the data. If you have a lot of dates that trigger the Legacy prompt, responding to the prompts will be tedious. For that reason, I recommend that you uncheck the Check for valid date formats during this import option in Legacy.

Whether the option is checked or unchecked, Legacy will import the irregular date text. Each "(date-phrase)" date in the GEDCOM file will trigger an entry in Legacy's import log, and each event that uses a date-phrase will be marked with a stop-sign icon in the Legacy user interface indicating a potential problem.

Legacy does not support sort dates. The template sets Dates.Include Sort Dates to unchecked so sort dates are not included in the GEDCOM export file.


Legacy does not import "master place" records, so the template sets Places.Include Master Place List to unchecked.


Legacy cannot import roles for principals when importing from GEDCOM.