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The Database section includes properties related to your TMG project, including the name and filepath of the project and options to include or exclude data types within it.

Choose TMG Project...

Use the Choose TMG Project... button to select the your TMG project.

When you click the button, TMG to GEDCOM will open a standard Windows "open file" dialog window. Navigate to the folder that contains the TMG project you want to process, select it, and click the [Open] button. TMG to GEDCOM will load the selected file. If the TMG project contains more than one dataset, TMG to GEDCOM will prompt you to choose the dataset.


The GEDCOM File property shows the path and filename of the last GEDCOM file written by TMG to GEDCOM using this configuration file. The property cannot be edited. It is updated after using the File > Export to GEDCOM command.

Last Template Path

The Last Template Path property shows the path and filename of the last template file loaded via the Utilities > Load Template submenu into this configuration file. The property cannot be edited.

Single-Excluded Text

In TMG, single-excluded text starts with a single hyphen character, "-". When a hyphen is placed at the start of a text field or a memo part, that field or part is considered to be "single-excluded".

If Single-Excluded Text is unchecked, which is the default, single-excluded text will be ignored and not included in the GEDCOM file.

If Single-Excluded Text is checked, single-excluded text will be included in the the GEDCOM file. The leading "-" character will be removed.

Fix TMG GEDCOM Tag Errors

The Tag Type Definition window in TMG that opens when you add or edit a Tag Type includes a setting, "GEDCOM export as". For several standard TMG Tag Types, the GEDCOM values specified in a new TMG project are invalid, and remain invalid unless the TMG user corrects them. You can see a list on the GEDCOM Tags help page.

If Fix TMG GEDCOM Tag Errors is checked, TMG to GEDCOM will change the GEDCOM tag setting for selected TMG Tag Types so the values are valid.

The TMG project data is not changed. TMG to GEDCOM alters the value it uses after loading the TMG project.